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GM Extra  - Watford

The Brief

Working alongside Household design agency to bring ‘to life’ the Tesco vision of what GM should look like.  Challenge the operational viability of the design developed by Household, advise Tesco on all matters relating to customer journey, layout, fixture design, landscape, space planning, visual merchandising and training.  Provide implementation expertise and support


The Solution

Taking the project ‘from the drawing board’ and delivered aspiration into the pragmatic volume driven real world of supermarket retail.

We developed the departmental layout adjacency map for Home, Cook & Dine and Baby; applied a customer journey and created VM focal points throughout the departments.

Provided visual merchandising and space planning expertise to re-merchandise these categories; introducing VM guidelines and techniques into the business.

We successfully delivered the concept into the two stores with our team of visual merchandising experts.

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August 2013

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