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The Brief

To design and build a set of play tables for outdoor technology and specialist equipment to allow the customer to easily interact with the product.  To improve the customer journey within the till pick up area of the store and install and merchandise the tables on-site.


The Solution

We delivered, in-store, in six weeks, a set of tables complete with lockable cabinets and security pods for personal Sat Navs, Muvi, Power Packs, Watches, Binoculars and Head Torches.  We replanned the space to create a more open and visually appealing area for the customer to browse.

The suite of fixtures were developed to allow flexibility to be free-standing or attached to a gondola and included lockable knife cabinets to improve the presentation of knives.  

These tables delivered sales increases in excess of 500% for many lines, especially for Binoculars, Sat Navs and Knives while seeing a significant reduction in theft.


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