Create the Customer Journey for a Better Christmas Season

September 19th 2016

Create the Customer Journey for a Better Christmas Season

So as Summer moves into Autumn and the morning dews are thick upon the ground our thoughts  in Garden Centre retail inevitably turn to the tasks ahead.  The garden furniture sale is well underway and the space is beginning to look empty so now has to be the time to make sure that your seasonal space is in the right place in your garden centres layout.

A time to review the whole space, especially while summer stocks are low, gives you the chance to make changes to your overall layout and improve the customer journey not just for Christmas, but for 2017 as well.

Making sure that Christmas is in the right space and location on the customer journey will encourage your customer to spend more money.

We at Clear constantly talk about customer journey and store layout, we have written many blogs on the subject as we know what a difference this has on your store takings.  If your aim is to increase your % Christmas sales then never underestimate what impact you can have by simply getting the layout right; remember ‘location, location, location’ 

If you need help understanding your retail space, or simply an outside viewpoint, to make sure you are set up for the best Christmas yet, why not give us a call.  We are happy to help, a day of our time at this stage will help you think differently about your retail space. 

We are a small, ‘down to earth’, ‘hands-on’ group of retailers who simply get retail and how to maximise your retail space. 

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