Ultimate Outdoors Hits the High Street

March 10th 2016

Ultimate Outdoors Hits the High Street

Is the Outdoor sector under going a slow evolution or are we set to see a radical change in what is potentially going to see some casualties…

As Ultimate Outdoors opened a couple of large sheds towards the back end of last year they clearly have put down a marker in an attempt to compete with what is an already crowded market. 

We are seeing the closing of a Blacks high street store in Kingston which will re-open shortly as an Ultimate Outdoors.  It will be interesting to see how this will translate to the high street however with their experience of trading Blacks on the high street they are well placed to make it work; clearly if successful are we likely to see the rest of the Blacks chain be re-branded?

With Asda continuing to open smaller Decathlon ‘concessions’ in their space we wonder how Go Outdoors and Cotswold will react to these changes that will clearly have an impact upon their businesses.

Having recently worked worked with one of the major players in this sector and pitched for their store of the future, we at Clear are watching with interest.

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